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Development of OVal has been stopped. Please migrate to a Bean Validation implementation, such as Apache BVal or Hibernate Validator.

OVal - the object validation framework for Java

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  1. What is it?
  2. Java Compatibility
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  4. User Guide
  5. Articles about OVal
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  7. License

What is it?


OVal is a pragmatic and extensible validation framework for any kind of Java objects (not only JavaBeans). Constraints can be declared with annotations (@NotNull, @MaxLength), POJOs or XML.

Custom constraints can be expressed as custom Java classes or by using scripting languages such as JavaScript, Groovy, BeanShell, OGNL or MVEL.

Besides field/property validation OVal implements Programming by Contract features by utilizing AspectJ based aspects or via Spring AOP. This for example allows runtime validation of constructor/method arguments.

Java Compatibility

OVal 1.x requires Java 5 or newer

OVal 2.0 or higher requires Java 8 or newer


Releases of this project are available at

You can add OVal as a dependency to your pom.xml:


User Guide

The user guide is available

Articles about OVal

There exist some articles and blog entries talking about and/or referencing OVal: [English Translation]

Projects using OVal




All files are released under the Eclipse Public License 2.0.

Individual files contain the following tag instead of the full license text:

SPDX-License-Identifier: EPL-2.0

This enables machine processing of license information based on the SPDX License Identifiers that are available here: